While there is no universally accepted definition, a multi family office can generally be described as an entity that supports the complex financial needs of a specific family and acts as their "chief advisor".

We at Financial Gainers typically provide personalized services, technical expertise, creative business leadership and day-to-day management of financial affairs. Some liken the family office to a family's "back office" for all product and service providers and professional advisor's, providing advocacy for the family's best interests while serving to strengthen the family's mission and legacy.

As your family's assets continue to grow, either gradually or as the result of a significant liquidity event, and your life becomes more complex, you may find it beneficial to consolidate your needs with a multi family office.

We at Financial Gainers can also provide invaluable support and assistance in such areas as educating next-generation members on the responsibilities of wealth, transfer of wealth to next generation, multi generation planning and philanthropy planning.

we understand that every family office setup is as unique as each family. Our tailored services are designed to suit your specific family needs.

These include core family office services, supplemented by specialized external services based on your requirements and delivered in our generalist approach. This approach eliminates potential conflicts of interests, maximizes quality, and reduces regulatory challenges.

FG is a trusted advisor fully focused on your needs. As an independent and transparent family office, we offer comprehensive consulting, unbiased and free of any product obligations.

Our multi-family office services include

  • Specialized Services & Family Education
  • Estate Planning & Trust Administration
  • Philanthropic Planning
  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Document Management
  • Data & Investment Management
  • Income Tax Planning & Compliance
  • Compliance & Risk Management